RHOA Star Porsha Williams Getting The Ax

My heart went out to her for the way she’s being treated, along with the way she found out that her marriage, that she felt and thought was fine…is over and everybody know your personal matter cause the life that you created is gone. No one should have to be put on blast like that in front of the world. That would make any woman want to commit a serious crime and it’s not crime of passion either. Being who Porsha is, she handle the situation just like any woman would…move back home with mama.

Now this is where I have an issue with miss Williams, You are not a child anymore an though it’s nice, enduring that mama is cooking for you and pampering you like a princess, which all mothers do for our daughters. But let’s get real, You got a divorce and as hard and heartbreaking that maybe, girl, you have no kids by this man and free to live your life to the fullest. Pull yourself from your bootstraps and get the hell up off your ass and get your own. Mama will always be there, you don’t need to be treated like a princess, but a grown woman.

This may be the very reason to why the powers that be at Bravo are on the fence to keep or toss you. You are just that boring. Nothing that Porsha does makes a big impact for the show to keep her on. Maybe if she got into a feud with enemy Kenya Moore, I think we may have something to watch without it being painfully to watch. Cynthia is more interesting…hell, Phaedra and her messiness is worthy to the show. Maybe it’s just isn’t in her nature to be ratchet and messy, that’s why we watch these reality shows for the nonsense and drama.

Porsha Williams has NOT been fired from  “Real Housewives of Atlanta” … she just may be on life support.  She will stay on the show for the current season and be part of the reunion special. It’s been reported that Bravo is not THAT into her, because she’s on the fence for next season.  Producers haven’t decided whether they want to keep her or give her the ax.

My guess is that they’ll wait till the reunion is taped before making their final decision. Porsha — if they give you the pink slip, smile and start anew. Your beautiful, become a model or continue to model and build yourself a empire. Take notes from NeNe & Kenya…they have their shit together and you may not like Kenya, but she knows how to keep the streets talking good or bad.



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