Wendy Williams Breaks Down On Talk Show


Wendy Williams isn’t afraid to tell her audience  or the world how she truly feels, but on a recent episode, the talk show diva shared her struggles at home. Like all moms whos has sons, we feel like our kids should always love us and show it. So I really felt for her, cause I know the feeling.

Wendy, has been very candid about her past drug use, her husband’s infidelity,  her plastic surgery, and the difficulty juggling her career while raising her son “Little Kevin,” she broke down in tears while discussing Madonna’s use of the n-word to describe her son. You know that was a BIG FAT NO-NO! What was you thinking Madonna? I get you want to stay hip and with the times, and have your kids think your cool as beans…NOT!

While me and others wondered what the hell Madonna was thinking for referring to her son as “disn-gga,” Wendy shared the fact that unlike Madonna’s son, who came to her defense, Little Kev doesn’t like his mom anymore. 😦 How sad is that? I even shed tears for her. Wendy, maybe your son don’t think of you as…”Wendy Williams” the talk show host, or the radio queen, but just MOM. Madonna is trying to stay young by doing things that she thinks is hip and trendy, but it goes to show that your a REAL mom who loves her son. Let your son and his dad have that guy time…trust me, it’s a good thing. You raised him well, just get ready to share him with other ladies when he gets older…you won’t stay the MAIN lady in his life. All us moms, have to face this face with our sons.

Wendy could barely hold back her tears as she told her studio audience that her 13-year-old son “is breaking her heart” because he is “all into his father” instead of loving up on his mom.  Wendy acknowledged her son is going through a phase, but explained his disregard for her feelings is extremely painful.


2 thoughts on “Wendy Williams Breaks Down On Talk Show

  1. U r the greatest wendy great mom great daughter great wife grear remodel for the world I believe in u I’ve learned a lot from u I been so hurt I wish icould meet ur my angel

  2. She is a great mom, wife and a amazing woman. I don’t think people give Wendy the props she deserves. Set aside that she’s a talk show host and and radio dj, she’s still a woman first and her most important job is being a mom. Her son should appericate who his mom is as Wendy the mom!

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