Porsha Williams Money May Be Seized

Porsha Williams may have a new story line on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” — holding a cup outside Walmart, begging for money so she can pay her homeowner’s bills.

Porsha lived in a high-rise condo complex in Atlanta … and she’s fallen behind on her homeowner’s dues — to the tune of $17,959!

Now the homeowner’s association has filed legal docs — obtained by TMZ — requesting that her bank account be frozen and the money that goes in gets diverted to pay her homeowner’s bills.  Fact is … the only real money she gets is from ‘RHOA.’

Porsha has been strapped for cash lately … we’re told she’s getting $5K a month in spousal support from Kordell Stewart, but apparently that’s not nearly enough to make ends meet.

We’re told Porsha is living with her mom now. Somewhere along the lines girlfriend you need a financial adviser to help you make better choices on how to spend your money more wisely. Why get yourself into this kind of bind, and you can’t afford to is my question. Porsha, maybe it’s time to start living  within your means and get a J-O-B!


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