Amazingly Delicious Pasta Chips


OMG! These has got to be the best tasting pasta chips I’ve tasted…I never ate a pasta chip inmy life. I was sent this full size bag as a Klout perk to try and review, this is my honest feelings and feedback on an awesome product.

These Pasta Chips are NonGMO, All Natural Ingredients, Oven Baked, Kosher Certified, 60% Less Fat than a potato chip, 20% Less Fat than pita chips, Only 120 calories per serving and made with Premium Semolina Flour…and VEGAN!
I happen to love garlic and olive oil, as excited as I was to try them. ..I wasn’t disappointed at all by the taste or texture. Just the right amount of seasonings that’s just right. If your a garlic and olive oil lover then this is just what you been waiting for. I’m so addicted to these chips. The strong flavor is great for this and any garlic lover.


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