Fergie Center Stage Blush


Brush with Brilliance

Now I know all my makeup beauties has tried the Fergie Center Stage Line…and yeah, this darling is now a Fergalicious fan…this line is BAD ASS!
Not sure if wetnwild is discontinuing the superstar’s line, I can only find bits and pieces of the her collection which has wondering about it. The line has amazing shades which are perfect for every skintone. I pray they don’t discontinue the line, I’m just getting to know and love the line.


Prime example of how awesome this line is…found this beautiful peachy shade blush with shimmering highlights that makes this the prefect blush for a natural look. It’s longwearing and flatters any skin tone giving you a healthy, flirty flush that’s hard to resist. Pigmentation is ultra vivid for a bold color that lasts for hours. It with stood my work day without any reapplying.


The Fergie’s line delievers everything that I was looking for in my cosmetics. The name of says it all and yes it delievers exceptional results and gives me a nice flushed glow. My skin has been Brush with Brilliance.



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