Sheila G’s Delicious Brownie Brittle


Who doesn’t like brownies, or  chocolate right, so I had to pick up a few bags…child, let me tell you…these brownie brittle is awesomely delicious and delightful. I couldn’t resist the urge to put the bag down.

Shelia G’s Brittle, tastes just like those crispy brownie edges, with a cookie crunch. Other turn on, they’re ridiculously low in calories, 120 per serving. Nothing like having your brownies without having to wait for them to bake and cool. They come in four equally delicious flavors.
I only got two bags for right now…


Honey, I cracked open the Salted Caramel bag,  found myself eating that bag like it was a bag of chips.  You can’t eat just one…they are just that delicious. Brownie Brittle definitely gives the ooey-gooey center of the pan a run for it’s ooey-gooey.      


Each variety features light, crisp shards of chocolaty deliciousness — just enough to satisfy any chocolate craving that one may have…without feeling weighed-down, with the richness of brownie .

Mint Chocolate Chip flavor is insanely addictive and tastes great. Nice minty taste that goes well with chocolate. You can enjoy these brownie brittle with ice cream, yogurt, or straight out the bag…however you choose to enjoy them…enjoy till your heart’s content.



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