Hair Recipes

Herbal Oil Hair Treatment

A terrific way to supply additional moisture to the hair shaft and naturally sooth and condition the hair and scalp. Research to find the best herbs for your hair type or hair problem




  • 1 cup of organic carrier oil
  • tightly closed jar
  • 3-5 tablespoons of herbs of your choice




Place approximately 3-5 tablespoons of herbs in a glass jar. Cover with 1 cup of organic carrier oil. Steep this mixture in a tightly closed jar for two weeks. Shake the jar daily. Once infused, strain out the herbs.

Tip: If you don’t want to wait two weeks, speed up infusion by gently warming the mixture on the stove at a very low heat for about 15-20 minutes and the steep overnight. Can be refrigerated for up to 6 months. Infused Oil

DIY Dry Shampoo

You’ve probably heard about dry shampoos. They can help extend a nice blowout or do away with a bit of oily buildup in your hair. How handy, especially for those days when you’re running late and you Read More…


  • 1-2 tablespoons baking soda OR
  • 1-2 tablespoons cornstarch OR
  • 4 tablespoons oatmeal, ground using a food processor AND
  • 1-2 teaspoons cocoa powder, if using


Woke up late? No time to do your hair? We’ve got a super-simple solution with an easy DIY dry shampoo.

Pick your ingredient of choice.
Add 1-2 tablespoons of your ingredient of choice (more if you have long or thick hair), to a small bowl or bottle with a small mouth or shake top. Tip: Save your empty spice bottles to use for the future.
Add in 1/2 to 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder, if using, and mix well.
Use your fingers to lift your hair up, away from your head, and lightly tap and shake the ingredient(s) into your roots, close to your scalp. If you have long hair, you may want to flip your head and hair over and work from the underside.
Use a brush, comb or even your fingers to lightly comb the ingredients out of your hair.
Assess the results. Check all around your head using a hand mirror to see if there is any light power left behind. If so, just work it into your hair.
Reapply a bit more to any areas that you missed.

Coconut Deep Conditioner


  • 2 tbsp -coconut oil
  • 2tbps-sweet almond oil
  • 3 drops-lavender oil
  • 3 drops-plumaria essential oil
  • 3 to 4 tbsp-Suave Coconut Conditioner


Heat to just warm. Wet hair and squeeze through and put on shower cap.
Leave on for an hour or more.

Yogurt Hair Mask

This yogurt hair mask is awesome!


  • 1 cup of yogurt
  • 2 tbs honey
  • 4 tbs olive oil
  • A couple of vitamin E gel capsules


Mix it up and apply to your hair. Put it up in a shower cap for 30 minutes and wash out.



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