Natural Hair Journey

I love helping women feel empowered by teaching and sharing my beauty tips, tricks. As an Love Ambassador, it’s my job to share, promote, live, give, & be love. There’s nothing more awesome than showing women how to truely love and honor themselves without apologies. Last year, I started on my journey to reclaim my natural hair. After having chemically damaging my hair for nearly 39 years…it was time to leave the comfort of relaxed, damage, over processed hair alone- and regain back my natural hair texture. So far I have kept my hair in protective styles like…bantu knots & twists outs. I can’t wait to see what this journey will take me and sharing it with women whose on that same journey is exciting. I’m only 3 months into this transition, and so far I’m having trouble with moisture and dryness. I recently found out what my hair type was and I’m a 4a…I love the curls I get from my protective styles. I’m working on having strong, healthy, shiny hair; with awesome curls and length.

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Type 4 Daily Kit provides you with all the products you need to cleanse, moisturize and style your beautiful coils.As I Am Coconut CoWash Cleansing Conditioner contains a special blend of natural ingredients for healthy hair growth and removing product build-up from your hair between regular washing.

Texture My Way Easy Comb Leave-in Detangling and Softening Cream Therapy Instantly detangle, moisturize and soften at the same time! By infusing hair with deep penetrating natural conditioners including Shea Butter & Extra Virgin Olive Oil, EASY COMB helps the comb glide through the toughest tangels.

Kinky- Curly Curling Custard (8 oz) gives moisture and curl definition, hold and brilliant shiny hair

Oyin Handmade Burt Sugar Pomade is a blend of oils, butters, and veggie waxes acts as a humectant and protectant for hair, increasing shine to a high glossy sheen and locking in moisture. It’s packed with essential fatty acids to nourish scalp and actually sinks into your hair and skin for a long-lasting, non-greasy feeling.


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