Self-Love Tree & the Ten Branches of Self-Love

I was reading my Madly in Love with Me The Daring Adventure of becoming your own best friend by my friend the wonderful Christine Arylo. This month I’m working on my Self-Trust Love branch and this stood out to me and spoke volumes…cause it’s what I’ve been doing for so long, but never knew it until I read this passage in the book- then it all made sense to me. Maybe god is showing me what I need to work on more.

“When you don’t trust yourself, you make choices that don’t honor yourself, you hold back from expressing yourself, you find it difficult to care for yourself, and it’s almost impossible to have the courage to go for your dreams.”

I took some time and thought about all the choices and decisions that I made in my life that lead me to where I am right now. I didn’t trust myself…even when I thought I did, I never truly trusted myself enough to follow through on things I needed to follow through on. From relationships, careers, school, friends, dating, finances and everything else.

This whole time I’ve been self-sabotaging myself. How can I love myself when I can’t trust myself. Being honest with myself and admitting the consequences of my actions weren’t all good. This month I’m going to start to forgive myself and start reestablishing a strong sense of trust for myself. I made the choices in the past that led to my fear, pain because I didn’t trust myself enough. My inner mean girl helped me…she was my protector by using fear, shame, and criticism…while her protection helped me in my past…she’s keeping me from really having love, happiness, success and peace. I need for my inner mean girl to know that I don’t need her protection anymore…I’m going to start to trust myself and the decisions I make. I’m ready to mend the broken bond of trust with myself.


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