Influenster Jingle VoxBox


This year is starting off to be a great year. I’ve been with INFLUENSTER since 2011 and I’m always excited to receive a VoxBox goodie box. Everything you get is complimentary and for testing purposes and review. Who wouldn’t love testing free beauty, home, pet, health,  entertainment products. December 23, 2015 I received my Jingle VoxBox, didn’t have the time to tryout the items due to my work schedule. When I got some down time that was my chance to breakout my complimentary  products.  Let’s have a look inside.

Kiss True Volume Lashes
Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive
NYC City Proof 24HR Eyeliner
Hallmark Itty Bittys
Pure Ice Nail Polish
Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream
Biscoff Cookies
Ore-Ida Tater Tots coupon


Kiss True VolumeLashes
Lashes are so  comfortable and made with 100 % natural hair, Kiss lashes blends beautifully with my own lashes. The tapered end technology creates natural looking ends that resembles natural lashes. Giving my own lashes that VA VA VOOM!


These are just a few of the items I’ve tried. I’ll come back and do a full review on all products. If you haven’t signed up with Influenster I suggest you head over to their site and join…don’t get left out.


Fergie Center Stage Blush


Brush with Brilliance

Now I know all my makeup beauties has tried the Fergie Center Stage Line…and yeah, this darling is now a Fergalicious fan…this line is BAD ASS!
Not sure if wetnwild is discontinuing the superstar’s line, I can only find bits and pieces of the her collection which has wondering about it. The line has amazing shades which are perfect for every skintone. I pray they don’t discontinue the line, I’m just getting to know and love the line.


Prime example of how awesome this line is…found this beautiful peachy shade blush with shimmering highlights that makes this the prefect blush for a natural look. It’s longwearing and flatters any skin tone giving you a healthy, flirty flush that’s hard to resist. Pigmentation is ultra vivid for a bold color that lasts for hours. It with stood my work day without any reapplying.


The Fergie’s line delievers everything that I was looking for in my cosmetics. The name of says it all and yes it delievers exceptional results and gives me a nice flushed glow. My skin has been Brush with Brilliance.


Amazingly Delicious Pasta Chips


OMG! These has got to be the best tasting pasta chips I’ve tasted…I never ate a pasta chip inmy life. I was sent this full size bag as a Klout perk to try and review, this is my honest feelings and feedback on an awesome product.

These Pasta Chips are NonGMO, All Natural Ingredients, Oven Baked, Kosher Certified, 60% Less Fat than a potato chip, 20% Less Fat than pita chips, Only 120 calories per serving and made with Premium Semolina Flour…and VEGAN!
I happen to love garlic and olive oil, as excited as I was to try them. ..I wasn’t disappointed at all by the taste or texture. Just the right amount of seasonings that’s just right. If your a garlic and olive oil lover then this is just what you been waiting for. I’m so addicted to these chips. The strong flavor is great for this and any garlic lover.

French Macarons Lesson 1: Making the Macaron Shells

I will be trying these out and giving as gifts for the holidays.


Macarons are little round cakes, made with almonds, egg whites, and sugar, a thin shell on the outside with a burst of  pillowy flavor on the inside. Acccording to the Larousse gastonomique (and if you don’t own one, put it on your list of must books to have) they originated in Italy in the 700’s ! Yep ! And why  they are only trending now in San Diego is interesting !

Macarons are fun ! Use your imagination and go wild with colors, shapes, and flavors. Natural dyes are a great option. We use India Tree , available on Amazon, and also Taste of Kyoto Culinary Matcha Tea for a beautiful green.

Recipe for the shells:

230 grams egg whites

200 grams almond flour or blanched almonds

225 grams powdered sugar

225 grams granulated sugar

color: optional and according to you aesthetic taste


Heat oven to 300


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Joy & Karma Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C Serum


I’m in awe of these wonderful serums and my skin has never been this soft or smooth in ages. These serums are light, non greasy and soaks instanly into my skin. I haven’t experience any kind of breakouts from using these products. I do love what I’m feeling and seening. I have a glow that I love. I HIGHLY RECOMMEMD THESE AWESOME AND AMAZING SERUMS.


Is Your Hyaluronic Acid Serum Safe?

Beware of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Serum products that use harmful fillers/additives which damage your skin! Joy & Karma, Hyaluronic Acid serum only has safe & awesome ingredients that’s great for your skin.

★ Aloe Vera: Soothing moisturizer packed with beneficial nutrients
★ Witch Hazel: Treating acne & insect bites
★ MSM: Helps body manufacture glutathione – a powerful antioxidant
★ Jojoba Oil: Helps regulate sebum resulting in less oily skin
★ Green Tea: Combats free radicals with its antioxidant properties
★ Geranium Essential Oil: Stimulates wound healing and reduces inflammation
★ Vitamin C: Need I say more?
★ Vitamin E: Protects and repairs your skin by acting as an antioxidant

Joy & Karma’s hyaluronic acid serum does NOT contain: parabens, petrochemicals, silicones, phthalates, sulphates, artificial fragrances and colors. This facial serum is made with 98%  natural + 72% organic ingredients.


Is Your Vitamin C Serum Harmful?

Many vitamin C serum products on the market today contain harmful additives and harsh chemicals. Unlike other facial serum products, Joy & Karma’s vitamin C serum is formulated with 98% natural and 72% organic ingredients that are safer for you and better for the environment. Check out their ingredients:

★ Aloe Vera Leaf: Nutrient rich soothing moisturizer
★ MSM: Assists body to produce glutathione – a potent antioxidant
★ Hyaluronic acid: Locks in water – holds up to 1000 mL per gram of HA
★ Witch Hazel: “treat acne & insect bites”
★ Jojoba Oil: Popular and effective moisturizer

In alignment with Joy & Karma’s mission to bring to consumers the most natural and healthful products as possible, their vitamin C serum DOES NOT contain any of the following: parabens, petrochemicals, silicones, phthalates, sulphates, artificial fragrances and colors.

Why Vitamin C Serum?

It’s no wonder Dr. Oz recommended vitamin C products on his show. Applied topically, vitamin C is known for its ability to…

✔ Reduce the appearance of wrinkles by stimulating collagen production
✔ Defend against damages from free radicals with antioxidants
✔ Help minimize the appearance of age spots from sun damage
✔ Improve overall skin tone

If you would like to try out these wonderful and amazing serums head over to joyandkarma

EcoTools Fresh & Flawless Review


The EcoTools® collection of brushes has everything you need to apply your makeup beautifully. They have incredibly soft bristles, sleek bamboo handles, recycled aluminum ferrules, and are 100% cruelty free.

To me these are just the best. I already own the 7 piece brush set which was my first set of brushes and I fell in love from frist use. Which I may add they have withstand rough conditions from use after use. I find them to be affordable and well worth the purchase, besides your helping your planet.

Inside case

Brighten your complexion and create buildable, airbrushed coverage with ecoTools-5piece set, they are designed to hide any imperfections for the smoothest finish possible. You start with the flat concealer brush to camouflage problem areas. Use the buffing concealer brush and precision foundation brush to create a flawless, even base.

The complexion-blending brush provides that airbrush finish before applying your touch of color with the full powder brush. These five essential brushes truly works together to design a photo-ready complexion with mineral, powder or liquid makeup. I use liquid foundation.

All five brushes are tucked in this awesome convenient book like case which is made with EVA material and is great for storing the brushes.

Set Includes:
Flat concealer brush
Buffing concealer brush
Precision foundation brush
Complexion blending brush
Full powder brush

I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for affordable makeup brushes. The ferrules are beautiful and the bristles are super soft! They apply effortlessly. Love them! 

Kim Kardashian Goes Incognito on Celebrities Undercover—Watch!

Is that you, Kim Kardashian?

The E! star was completely unrecognizable during Tuesday’s debut of Celebrities Undercover, a new Oxygen series executive-produced by talk show host Wendy Williams.

In the episode, Kanye West‘s significant other transformed into “Cynthia” by way of a curly wig, glasses and fake teeth to see if she could fool a few of her fans.

The new mom joined some other gals in an office to be “interviewed” for a job as Kardashian’s assistant, and their loyalty is quickly put to the test by way of a made-up story about Kardashian hooking up with Eminem.

Later, at her home, Kardashian revealed her true identity to the young ladies, much to their obvious surprise.

“I have something to tell you,” she said as she slowly took off her disguise. “You’ve been with Kim all day. You have been with me all day.”

In fact, even sister Kourtney, who happened to be sitting in the room with all of them, was shocked that Cynthia was actually her sibling.

Kardashian then proceeded to give each of her loyal fans a hug.

Other celebs who are slated to appear as somebody else in future episodes include Fantasia, Joey Fatone, Lil’ Kim, Ice-T and Coco.