The Beauty Ambassador

What is an Beauty Ambassador, you may ask? Well, it’s someone whose The  Beauty Ambassador usually has a great deal of knowledge about beauty, and is hand-picked by his or her mentor or peers to provide a good representation and maintain solid relations with other beauty professionals and clients. Their duties include many different aspects of beauty policy. That’s my definention of what a beauty ambassador is. Every week I’m going to bring you information on the basics of makeup and tools. For anyone whose interested in makeup or wants to know more about the application of applying makeup, learning what brush to use for what purpose,an all over makeup 101 course with tips & tricks and all the info you can use.

Looks that we can re-create.  It’s not about the products that you use or buy, but it’s all in the way you apply those products that makes a difference. I like to think there’s no rules when it comes to makeup



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