Weight Lost Journal

Wow! It’s a new year and I’m taking a stand to get my weight down and to be more healthier and fit. I started by taking control and started back with my Hip Hop Abs with Shaun T. I must say before I had a toothache I was toning and shedding the weight off doing hip hop abs. So as of this year I will be fit and in good shape. I’m going on 40 next week and I know this is going to be hard, but I’m determined to rid myself of this unwanted fat. Eating more healthier is a start and watching all the junk that I consume from junk foods that’s not all that good for me either. I guess you can say my bad habit is sweets, more like a weakness lol. None-the-less it’s something that I must do so I don’t have a heart attack , diabetes, or any other health related issues.


I absolutely love this workout dvd, and to think I was watching the infomercial and watching these women who are just like me, working out and r
seeing results. Well I had to order this dvd and see what the hype was all about. Well needless to say, that this was the best decision I could have ever made. I got my dvd and I went to town with it, doing the workout everyday and eating right, taking my multi-vitamins and seeing the results.
After I had a tooth ache I couldn’t keep working out, and I gained back some of the weight that I lost as a result to that and my bad eating. Well now it’s time for me to get back into shape and get very active in my workouts again. Since I’ll be turning 41 next week, I think it’s just best for me to stay with what I know and start eating back more healthier and take back my life and get my weight in control. Shaun T is fun to workout with and the workouts aren’t all that bad or hard to do…once you get the hang of everything you’ll find it very easy to get through Hip Hop Abs with no issues.
This is what my workout calender looks like that comes with the dvd. It’s set for a month and you can actually lose a lot of weight by following these guidelines that’s right before you. I use it everyday and I’m giving myself the next 3 months to get myself in shape and to look and feel good. I can do this, cause I did it once before. It’s call having discipline and I must start now having it and being very diligent with myself not to quit or give up.
scramble eggs & whole grain toast with green tea
strawberries and greek  yougrt
chicken salad with blueberries
avacados  and slice cheese
bake fish with veggies and side salad

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